Footstock Review

The all-new Footstock app looks like it will be a big hit with casino and football fans as it is bringing together three elements that are big right now.

There are football card collecting and trading elements that are similar to online gaming and also the more traditional sticker collecting. Add to that a daily fantasy sports element that has really caught on in the football world. Plus some online gambling to keep the players interested.

So far we don’t know much, but we will fill this table with important information as soon as we have it:

Bonus Type:Bonus Description:
Welcome Bonus:None for now
Min Deposit:App still under development
Footstock Bonus Code:None for now

The people behind the new Footstock app wanted to include everything they enjoy about today’s football – and it looks like it could do very well with football fans everywhere.

How Does the New Footstock App Work?

Capturing the way today’s football fans and gamers look at the world, Footstock is currently mobile only and is designed in such a way that really suits the smaller screen and mobile features.

Footstock allows you to purchase footballers in the way of cards that can then be traded – much like Football Index – but also be entered into tournaments that are similar to the daily fantasy sports sites that have really taken off in the last few years.

Although the Footstock site refers to a ‘roulette’ section, it isn’t like a conventional online casino but more to do with an online gambling element that allows customer account holders to play games to earn more players.

The look of the Footstock app is very modern and uses great graphic representations of top footballers. It is this kind of detail that could potentially elevate Footstock above its competitors.

Is There a Footstock Bonus?

This app has only just launched so there will be a few developments over the next few months to attract more customers. At the moment there is no Footstock bonus as such but there are ways to get more for your initial financial outlay. Whether it is the caliber of player – or the number of players – there are still ways to get a head start without a Footstock bonus.

The people behind Footstock are very reactive to their users so if they believe that a Footstock bonus is a good way to get a new influx of players then that might be a way that they go.

For now, keep an eye on the site and any forthcoming Footstock bonus.

Footstock Overview

It is clear why the people behind the Footstock app have come up with this new product. It brings together a number of popular elements that the modern football fan enjoys. Time will tell if fans want everything in one place but this is an interesting concept that is cleverly put together. It is a completely new casino concept that people are going to find quite interesting. There are certainly those who are going to be eager to try it out.

A Footstock bonus might be a good way of getting more people on board – but for now the Footstock app can play on its originality to attract more customers and develop from there.

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